Music expresses life like nothing else, and a voice that makes life resonate through every note is a special gift, and takes a special love of music...and of life itself. This ideal embodies the vibrant and abundant talent, warmth, heart and unique spin of vocalist and lyricist Monique DeMoulin.

Born in Palo Alto, California, Monique spent most of her childhood in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. Her teen years found her attending Adrian Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, where she formed her first band, Hexagon, with Bill Hare (who is now her producer). In 1983, she participated in the Miss Teen California pageant and took first place for her talent. Monique attended Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, Nevada, where she studied music and vocal performance, and received the Jim Paris and Bank of America music scholarships.

After college, she found herself in the position of being a single mother, and dedicated herself to her five children, rather than music as a profession. This choice ultimately benefitted her by adding an incredible richness to her life that would take her talents to another level.
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In June 2010, Monique released her first single, Have I Told You, which topped the charts on cdbaby™, making it to #1 in the Smooth Jazz category and #2 in the Adult Contemporary category. A few months later, she released, What Makes You Stay. Her second single also topped the cdbaby charts as #1 in downloads in the Vocal Pop category.

In July 2011, Monique released her stunning version of You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me, the famous classic written by Jim Weatherly (who also wrote Midnight Train to Georgia, Neither One of Us, and many others). Following the release of her single, Monique was contacted by Weatherly about recording his not yet released song, It Wasn't Me. With his support, Monique and her Grammy-winning producer, Bill Hare, developed It Wasn't Me with the spirit, sound and styling that is uniquely the "Monique spin."

In 2013, Monique's career stepped into high gear with the release of her sassy, female-empowering original song, Part-time Princess. As a result of this song, she signed on as a recording artist with Larchfork Publishing and Rock Garden Conspiracy, LLC/Gold Pan Records for 2013. Part-time Princess was then opted to be used in the short film, The Adventures of Shelby.

Through 2013 and 2014, Monique focused on song writing and performing live much more, feeling motivated to share her story and support the dreams of others in music. One of her standout original singles, The Box, is a particularly poignant and deeply personal song, marking a personal milestone for her.

Her passion for helping other independent artists live their dreams led her to becoming a very popular DJ ("Missy D") and station general manager for Jam City America radio.

Monique currently resides in San Jose, California, where she is living her dream as an independent songwriter and recording artist, pursuing her passion to help other independent artist through, and continues to give life her sublime and enchanting Monique spin.

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