Part-time Princess is a fun kind of tune, sprinkled with a little bit of naughtiness. The kind of song with a mantra everyone can relate to!

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, but as the fairy tale dream becomes the real world, it becomes harder and harder to hold onto that tiara. Monique DeMoulin passionately believes that even as grown ups, we don't have to lose that princess mentality.

This dynamic new song embraces that little girl's dream inside us, unleashing the power, beauty and magic of a Part-time Princess. Whatever your playground, whether it's the mall with friends or the working woman who explodes on the club scene after hours, the mantra is the same...let yourself be "a part time princess in a full time world, livin the dream like every girl should"!

Many thanks to Grammy award-winning Producer Bill Hare for his endless dedication with arrangement, engineering and production; Lorenzo Soto for his guitar magic; Paul Smeets for his catchy Keyboard hooks; and a special thanks to Producer/Rapper James Cannon for his amazing sonic contribution to this track, and Nicole Dalhuisen Photography for my wonderful cover photo.
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