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Monique writes and performs from her heart and soul...for you! Her fans, family and friends are her heart, and her music reflects the love of life and it's painful paths, but how ultimately, the loves in our lives get us through it all.

This page is for sharing what others are feeling about her music and the incredible woman herself! Thank you to everyone who has listened to her heartfelt music, to her fans and followers, and a special thanks to those who have shared their opinions and left all mean the world to Monique!
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Hit play on Drive, settle back in your seat with the slide guitar intro, and then put the ZZ Top down, and enjoy the ride. Monique has the old school sound that will never get old. -- Linda Chorney, GRAMMY nominated singer/songwriter

Monique DeMoulin has proven that life does go on! 9,000 Miles is without a doubt one of the best country/rock songs available on the market today. Great engineering, great lyrics, well done. I'm a fan! -- Bud Burger, Jam City America Radio

Wow! That's it in a word. Monique's unique sense of style creates a mood in each track that takes you along for an enjoyable musical ride. She is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll in all the right places. We feel the pain of a broken relationship in It's Too Late, the dust of the dirt bowl in Farmer's Tan. Part Time Princess is reminiscent of a tune the Go -Go's may have recorded. DeMoulin's voice offers grit and beauty at the same time in this superbly produced set of five songs. -- Sarah Partridge, Jazz vocalist/songwriter, actress, Peartree Productions

Indie artist Monique DeMoulin has been writing and recording music for 30 years and her new EP features a diverse mix of styles. The title track, 9,000 Miles, is a terrific pop rock song that should be heard far and wide. -- Now this ROCKS! at Off The Charts

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